Sparklecon 5- 2018 is January 26 – 28

Sat, Jan 27, 2018, 7:00 PM – Sun, Jan 28, 2018, 10:00 PM in Fullerton, CA

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Two days of  art, science, computers, security, and hacking!

You want speakers? We have you covered. This year’s talks feature smart people saying interesting things:

  • RAVIN KUMAR, The State of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • TIM ABAD, 3d Projection Mapping
  • JOHN CABRER, F.L.I.R. Imaging
  • MERLIN COREY, Cryptography Basics

So you can sound very adult when you ask work for time off.

Don’t tell them about the face melting coolness that is the other part of Sparklecon. Like what you ask?

There is always something new at Sparklecon. In the past we have had robot battles, drone races, soldering contests, and glowing pickles. Come and enjoy things like 3D body scanning, lock picking, coding, 3D printing, large Tesla coils, and nuclear fusion.

Need more of a taste? Hackaday did a cool writeup, and Jared and Tiff made a fun video of some of last years shenanigans.

Are you excited? You should be.

Tickets are on sale here

Ticket prices are discounted if you buy before December 31st, so don’t slack.





Now you are in the loop

As of today we are deprecating this wordpress site for our new site for easier information finding and updates. Please check the wiki for talk, contest, and entertainment schedules. See you at Sparklecon!

We are announcing a call for talks and papers for Sparklecon 2.0. This will be the second iteration of the successful “hit-and-run” format hacker conference we pulled off last year.

It will be running on a Friday-Monday schedule. There will be food and entertainment Friday and Saturday nights, contests and a full schedule of 10-minute lightning talks, alternating with 30-60 minute hands-on sessions and presentations.

We’re also looking for entertainment on Saturday night. We will have a stage available and can work with you on getting set up.

But we are already excited that we get to enjoy chip-tunes from Timon Marmex  with visuals by Vismancienne (aka Leah Oakes, aka Professor Oakes), and craque (Matt is bringing modular synth goodness).

Dan Cragg of Insteon ( has promised to bring by some fun toys to play with, too.

Please e-mail  if you are interested in presenting. There will be open slots reserved for walk-ups, but it would be great to get you on the schedule ASAP.

Repeat offenders

We are doing it again! Sparklecon for 2015 is January 23, 24, 25 at 23bshop. We are busy planning mischief for you, most probably including a mega-blast-o-rific potato cannon build, a gringo warrior contest, and other secret treats. Last year was great, but in the American spirit of self-betterment we are upping the game, leading an air of superior belongingness to all who choose to touch the hem of the sparkling party pants. AAIIEEE!!!!!

“What can I do?” I hear you ask. Here are the answers you seek.

1. Come to Sparklecon. Duh. This is the most important thing.

2. Bring friends.

3. Consider giving a talk, Sparklecon encompasses hacking and hacker-related interests.

4. Have a company? This year we are accepting sponsorships, if you want to market to weirdos like us we can work something mutually beneficial out.

5. Want space to do something completely awsome that is Sparklecon related? We may be able to work something out.

Bounce house

A Bounce house is on it’s way to Sparklecon. This could go very well…or not.

Ah- the memories…

Photo from Jeni Burr

Photo from Jeni Burr

Photo from Jeni Burr

Photo from Jeni Burr

Photo from Jeni Burr

Photo from Jeni Burr

Schedule for Saturday- Sparklecon, it’ here!

Here is a quick update on this Saturday’s Sparklecon festivities (Saturday, 1/25/2014) at 23b shop in Fullerton, CA

10:00am – 12:00 – General shop cleaning and setup. If you show up before noon, we will hand you a mop or send you to the store or something.
12:00 noon – Things officially get started.

12:00-6:00pm – Open Mic for talks and workshops

I’ll be doing a DIY tear-down and repair workshop where we try to fix a 50″ flat-panel TV. Feel free to bring other dead electronics if you are so inclined.
We have some malware and defense talks also scheduled to appear, and more hardware stuff as well. If you have a topic, we have a projector and table space to present it.

3:00pm – I will start the BBQ. A limited amount of burgers and veggie options will be provided. Feel free to bring your favorite meat to throw on.

6:00pm – 8:00pm – The “Hacker’s Cup” home-brew contest is happening. Bring your favorite home-brew and try to win the cup. Bring enough to share.

8:00pm – LATE: Entertainment featuring special Chip Tunes live performance. Bask in all that 8-bit, square-wave glory
Also, just announced: We’ll be having a SOLDERING CONTEST to raise money for Nullspace Labs. In case you haven’t been to NSL, they are our sister hacker space in downtown L.A. Their landlord just told everyone in their building they have 30 days to move, so they need to raise some funds. Shit is more difficult and expensive around L.A. than it was 5 years ago, when grimy, run-down buildings in the hacker district were plentiful and inexpensive.
Here is a link to their IndiGoGo campaign:

I’m suggesting a minimum $10 donation to enter the soldering contest. We will provide materials. Bring your favorite iron or solder if you like, but not necessary. You can get in on this any time on Saturday, until midnight. There will be a special prize for the WINNAH.
Finally, I want to emphasize that this is a free event. If you can help out with plastic cups/plates, food, etc that would be lovely but no requirements on y’all.
(stolen from Arclight)

ALSO- Machinist’s Sparklecon coins (redeemable for 3d print time) is the reward for presenters. Give an interesting hacker related interest talk and earn one!


EDIT * A quick shoutout to a last minute sponsor – Wall of Sheep ! Thank you.

Now with music

A quick update: Evening entertainment will be provided. Tim Trzepacz is working on chip-tuney goodness on our behalf. Also, Matt (aka Craque) may be bringing by an electro-acoustic rig with some DIY modular synth stuff and homebuilt instruments, to play and speak about.

Edit* Cyclops Rock and VA Tim Abad confirmed for this event


sparklecon and hackers cup prize

It’s official- the Hacker’s Cup really IS a klein bottle beerstein. Ordered today- get brewing!